Mt. Massive

F R I D A Y,  8/24/07

The following documents the 2007, 23rd Annual FCS (Furr, Coffey, Smith, LLC) Mountain Trip, AKA Code for Dope (as re-branded by Goodrow, who bought Smith out in 2002) as seen from the perspective of the Webmaster, Dismissive Uno.  Photo credits go to Adam, Marc, Jim, and Darren, as noted.  If you have photos you'd like to contribute, send away.

Jim and I drove up from TX, as our Church of Christ forefathers once did.  Somewhere about three miles west of Walsenberg, CO, Jim glanced up from his ubiquitous iPhone to notice a large, abandoned corral.  We took advantage of this to stretch our legs and indulge in a great photo op.  (Jim)

My mother says that this is a textbook example of the rule of thirds, whatever that is.  (Jim)

Jim by Darren

The Dallas Driving Workaholics, who always prefer to race back to their laptops as quickly as possible, once the climbing is done.  (Darren)

This year we had the largest crew Adam or I had been a part of since our youth group days.  Henceforth, we're reserving berths and charging money.  L-R:  Adam, Marc, Jim, Steve, Tim, Kenn, Ned, Baldemar, Richard, Darren.  And of course, in the foreground, Bubba, Kenn's faithful Bernese.  (Adam)

I think Adam actually structured this fire, which shows that he no longer can be counted on to extinguish a nascent fire by his mere presence.  What you can't see here is that he's experimentally attempting to ignite it via magnesium chips and flint.  We ended up resorting to my verboten fire paste.  (Marc)

Base camp, which, thankfully, was only about 10 minutes from the parking lot.  Thankfully, because we were *already* at 10k feet, and if you've just driven straight through from TX, that hurts.  Here, Jim is checking out Kenn's amazing new JetBoil, which makes boiling a quart of water the "old" way feel prehistoric.  (Adam)

Packing up base camp to head to treeline the next morning.  (Marc)

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