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ADF Communications:  In a past life, the Webmaster of this site did graphic design and Web design at very affordable rates.  However, he has a real job now and his rates are no longer very affordable.  Nonetheless, if you're interested in anything you see here, he is never above negotiating a reasonable fee for a little freelance work.  Available services include:

  • Freelance Writing:  The WM has a journalism degree and worked as an editor of a small quarterly review for 18 months, not to mention his natural gift for gab.
  • French-English Translation: The WM has a Masters in French, a certification in business French, lived in France for two school years, and is quite fluent.  Can translate either direction, anything from love letters (a real specialty) to tax forms.
  • Database Consulting: In recent years, the WM has been known to sling a little SQL, tango with the occasional subquery, write the lovely haiku of "select / where / from".  Primary expertise has been Oracle.
  • HTML Web Design: We can do a few scripting tricks (mouseovers, etc.), but once you get into much complexity, we're going to be outsourcing that.
  • Graphic Design: The WM designed everything on this site (look and feel, masthead).

If you're interested in any combination of the above highly valuable (and completely heteroclite) skills, drop us a line at