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Darren Furr-- Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Temper

Veteran of such legendary household names as Big Picture and Three Red Mars, Furr's primary claim to fame are his "magical guitar stylings" (as termed by one critic). These were constructed and deconstructed over many years of wearing down the tyranny of melody with the likes of DeGrassi, Poulenc, Coltrane, the Marsalis brothers, Andy Summers, Alex Lifeson, and Jeff Buckley. His songwriting owes much to the tutelage of Joni, Bruce Cockburn, and too much time spent studying eclectic works of literature.

Darren's current rig includes a Les Paul (Duncans), a Schecter PT (more Duncans), and a Fender Strat (blonde), all running through a Line 6 Pod XT stereo into a Fender Deluxe and an anonymous Peavey tube amp. 


Adam Coffey-- Drums, Vocals, Metronome

The disgustingly fit Mr. Coffey labors as the rhythmic binding post for Anden. Adam and Darren have been making music (and generally memorable mischief) together since before the release of "Synchronicity", and as such Adam's unerringly musical style of beating on inanimate objects owes much to his admiration for such as Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, and Vinnie Colaiuta. He currently favors the soothing sounds of smooth jazz and R&B-- perhaps as an antidote to the sometimes stringent harmonies of Furr.

His set includes a black lacquered Ludwig five-piece trap, Zildjian cymbals, and dysfunctional brushes.


Jerry Farmer-- Bass, PA

Not only does Jerry have an ideal rehearsal space in his home, our newest member also brings a tremendously positive and constructive spirit to the group.  All right, enough for the flattery: he is also a veteran bassist (as befits his advanced age: he turns 86 in August) for many outfits prior to ours.  As of this writing, the author is blissfully ignorant of Jerry's influences and musical  preferences, though one has a strong suspicion that they might have something to do with that overly broad genre known as "Classic Rock".

What is certain is that he plays a '73 Fender Precision bass with Bass Line pickups through a Line 6 preamp and into a rather fancy head/cab rig.  His PA is a Peavey, this being Texas and all.

Wes Peacock-- Lead Guitar

The latest member of the family, Wes is a quasi-native of the Austin music scene, and brings that experience and flavor to our mellow blend of smooth, new age jazz (think Kenny G) and pick-scrape insanity.  Founding member of Weird Cousin, Wes has a PhD in punk, and a voracious appetite for books and hand-rolled cigarettes.  He is currently rounding out our "crank up the plink" sound with a Dean double-cutaway/double-humbucker rig through a Roland Micro-Cube piped through a 200W power amp and two 12" monitors, for that trademark North Loop Jihad sound.


David Hardin-- Co-Founder, Co-Writer, Bassist at Large, Man of Information

Hardin stepped in 10 years ago to fill the shoes of his chronically drunken predecessor, and, as they say, the rest is history. His refreshingly melodic style came about in spite of years of exposure to the Great Tom Waits and György Ligeti. Funkified by a misspent youth in the swamp lands of Louisiana, he maintains his funk license by ingesting a steady flow soul greats Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. And, let us not forget that his harmonic precision stems from time spent listening to Jaco and Mingus. Goodness, what a resume! David's songwriting, while drawing equally from all of these diverse sources, also bears the mark of his passion for the Brazilian Bossa Nova scene.

Though David moved to Louisiana to pursue his dreams of doing the Man of Information thing professionally, he is always with us in spirit, as well as in material, as we still play many of the songs he contributed to the fold.

Last anyone heard, David was still playing a Music Man Stingray and a Peavey B-Ninety, all running through a Zoom 506 and into a SWR 15" combo.


Two dates thus far:

  • Club Dada:  8/14/05, midnight . . . Opening for T.J. and the Lights of Dragna

  • Windedale Tavern: 8/24/05, 11:30 . . . Special thanks to Mark and Marsha

Check here for more tour dates... Rumor has it that Doc and Bird (Wes and Darren) will soon be crooning hard bop at a 3.5-star eatery near you.